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Childers is located 325 kilometres north of Brisbane and is the centre of the Isis Region in Queensland, Australia and is a major sugar growing area. The town of Childers serves a regional population of approximately 6,500 people.

Many of the historic buildings in Childers are well over 100 years old and it is a great place to stop when travelling north or south on the Bruce Highway. This historical town is positioned on a ridge with magnificent views overlooking thousands of hectares of vivid green sugarcane and avocado farms.

Visitors can step back in history as they visit the town's many historical buildings – some dating back to Queensland's early pioneering days. Childers offers a relaxed and welcoming country atmosphere. Pause and take time to reflect on the town's wonderful heritage. Childers is also an access point to the Burnett hinterland.

Just seven kilometres north of Childers on the Bruce Highway is the delightfully named rural township of Apple Tree Creek, and nearby Woodgate Beach offers an unspoilt coastal playground for visitors seeking peace and quiet.

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